Thanks so much for visiting our online store and we appreciate your business. 

Driven by innovations, at GenShed LLC, we dedicate ourselves to the design and development of the most innovative home backyard products to make your home life more convenient, comfortable and relaxing.  

The company founder - Don Shi, a Mechanical Engineer with master degree in mechanical engineering and also an MBA from Kelly School of Business at Indiana University, worked for several large public traded companies such as Cummins, Toro and Terex for many years before establishing the GenShed LLC.  Here what we do everyday is not only a job, but also a passion that inspire us on each of the innovative new product development. For each product we develop, we start first by reading all the customer reviews of all the existing similar products on the market to find out what are the top customers complains and then study if there is a way to improve. Once we come up with solution ideas, we then make a prototype to verify our design and test the performance. After our new products are introduced to the market, we then provide all the customer service and distribution from our Seattle based warehouse. 

All our new innovative products you see at our online store are either patented or patent pending so we can keep leading the trend and protect our design and also let our customers maintain the value of the products they buy from us.

We understand life is a continuous improvement and we encourage and appreciate our valued customers to feedback to us about their user experience via email or blog so we can keep perfecting our products and leading the trend.

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