Mobile Cantilever Umbrella Base With Wheels
Mobile Cantilever Umbrella Base

Mobile Cantilever Umbrella Base With Wheels

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Making the base and umbrella fully mobile at full weight. allowing you to move around in the backyard to cover different location, or to match Sun's movement to fully cover the the same spot. Also it has the top tray to let you place different stuff on it for convenience.
Part Number: MUB-2021
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Umbrella Base With Wheels For Large Cantilever Umbrella

Our patent pending Umbrella Base With Wheels is designed to provide extra value by solving the top 3 complains based on the customer reviews of the current large cantilever umbrella/Base. These top 3 complains are:

(1) Can not move after weight is filled. (2) Too hard to fill the sand through tiny hole. (3) Occupy and waste lot of floor space. 

To address above complains, Our base has 6" dia. swivel wheel at each corner to allow easy move with full weight. It does not use water or sand as weight, but instead use the 12" patio stone for easy stacking to different level of weight. Also its top surface is a flat tray, making the occupied space useful and allowing you to put different stuffs there for convenience and comfortableness. See Product Features for more.


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